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Education Visits

Curriculum based learning experiences for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary students.

We provide an authentic, hands on heritage experience.

Our Primary and Secondary Education Programmes are funded by the Ministry of Education LEOTC Funding.

We also have programmes for Early Childhood Education and ESOL students.


New Programmes for 2017

We have two new programmes for 2017 both of these based around changes in technology.

Cooking in New Zealand 1850s to 1950s

This programmes will look at different ways we prepared and cooked food.  One activity will be at the V Hut on cooking in the 1850s what we ate and how was it cooked.

Then moving onto the 1900s and the coal range, we will do some food preparation and cooking using the coal range.

Finally the 1950s with all the new electric appliances that were available both for the preparation of food and also the cooking of food.


Technology 1850s to 1950s

How has technology made our life easier over time, what did we have available in the 1850s to help with our housework compared to the 1900s and 1950s.  Another activitiy will be based at one of our society's looking at changes in technology and the impact on people that these changes had.



Most programmes can be tailored to meet the curriculum requirements of any Primary or Secondary level.


All Ferrymead Education programmes are $10.00 per student, GST inclusive.
If you visit in the first week or last week of any term, the cost is reduced to $6.00 per student, unfortunately this does not include a Transport Day.
All adults are free.
Ferrymead Heritage Park will invoice your school after your visit.


Ferrymead Education Staff

Cindy Hey and Robert Pearcy

The Education Staff at Ferrymead Heritage Park are all New Zealand trained and registered teachers.

Our Education Programmes provide:

  • multi-sensory learning opportunities.
  • hands-on, curriculum-linked programmes.
  • flexible, adaptable programmes.
  • inclusive programmes.
  • authentic environment for learning.
  • skilled and highly motivated teachers.


Students have opportunities to

  • dress in clothing of the era.
  • learn about and experience etiquette of the past.
  • take part in role plays and experience everyday life in the past.
  • reflect on and discuss the similarities, differences and changes in New Zealand society.
  • participate in enriching and enjoyable learning experiences.
  • All our programmes include wearing costumes, except for some larger customised
    bookings.  The educator will talk to you about this at the time of your booking.
    We also have costumes available for hire.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Planning your visit


Programmes are available any time between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.  We recommend that you arrive at 9.30am and the programmes run for approximately 3 to 4 hours, including lunch.  Most schools depart at 2.00 pm after they have had a look around.

Postponement of visit

We leave it up to the school whether or not to postpone due to weather.  However in the interests of safety, we reserve the right to postpone if the weather conditions at Ferrymead are extreme.
If you decide to postpone, arrangements can be made for another visit.



The tram is an additional $45.00 per school group.  The tram needs to be booked prior to your visit.  Some of our programmes include the tram as part of the programme cost. 

Pre-visit Information

If you choose a 'Stepping Back in Time' programme for your visit, you will also receive a pack containing information about this era. There will be photos to use for display, along with possible questions.  Pre visit packs are available for our 1850s, 1900s, 1950s, Communications and Transport programmes.

Post-visit Resources

At the end of your visit you will receive a pack containing resources that may be useful for your follow up work.


Pre School Groups

At Ferrymead we now have a programme especially tailored for preschool aged children.
Pre schools and Kindergartens are able to choose three, 20 minute activities from the following list.

Hands on Artefacts
Transport Hunt
Make a Biscuit
Toys and Games
Tram Ride

The cost of the programme is $7.00 per child, including costumes.
A Tram Ride is $45.00 for your whole group.  
If you select the tram ride as one of your activities then the cost of this is included in your programme.
All adults associated with the visit are free of charge.
Contact us for programme details.

Secondary Schools

We would particularly recommend
'Stepping Back in Time 1860s'
'Stepping Back in Time 1900s'
'Stepping Back in Time - The War Years'
as programmes that would be highly suitable for secondary students studying the past. These programmes provide multi sensory experiences of what it would have been like living in this time. They also provide a deeper understanding of the times from a variety of points of view.

ESOL Groups

We welcome ESOL groups to take part in our Education Programmes. We particularly recommend 'Kiwi Culture' as a way to find out more about New Zealand and its past This programme should enable your students to develop language skills and extend their vocabulary, both at Ferrymead and back in class when looking at photos that have been taken as part of the programme.
'Stepping Back in Time 1900s' is another programme highly suitable for ESOL students, along with our new Transport Days.



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