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Ferrymead Heritage Park offers a superb and complete location for your wedding. Our historic and unique church with its beautifully crafted woodwork and exquisite stained glass window was built 100 years ago at Ellesmere and moved to Ferrymead in the 1970s. An antique organ is available. The church faces the Port Hills and is a feature of the intimate township setting. It can seat up to 100 people and is bright and airy.

The bride and groom, as well as members of the wedding party and photographer, are welcome to inspect the church and Park before the event and we are happy to make the church available for a wedding rehearsal between 9am and 5pm.

Outdoor weddings can be held behind the Lodge or in Coronation Park.


Hire of the church is $575. This includes a rehearsal and the right to take wedding photos around the Park and inside Museum areas such as the Hall of Wheels and other heritage buildings. (Interior photos in Curragh Cottage involve it being opened specially by volunteers for a small fee.)

You are welcome to decorate the interior of the church as you wish prior to the event.

Wedding tram

As an option, your guests can arrive on a Wedding Tram. This leaves from the northern gates and carpark (about 1km north of the Park). The tram will be decorated for the occasion and can first bring the guests to the Park and then return for the bridal party to arrive at the Park and be greeted by the guests. After the wedding, the tram will be able to return to the northern car park for car drivers to collect their vehicles.

Other wedding services

After the marriage service, stroll down the the village street with your guests or arrange to travel by vintage car to our Friendly Societies Lodge for your wedding reception. The lodge is ideal for a seated meal or use as a base for speeches and finger food with your guests able to use the peaceful grassy area adjacent, with its lake, windmill, water wheel and 1850s V Hut. Our preferred caterer is Tasteful Affairs - 027 253 2616.

We endeavour to do all we can to make your wedding day relaxing and truly wonderful.

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       依嫁婚礼策划公司成立于2009年韩国首尔,针对婚礼策划一对一服务模式,有婚礼业界奢侈品之称。2012年至今,依嫁婚礼策划公司先后成立四国分店(首尔,中国,澳大利亚,新西兰)。依作为新西兰基督城首家专业的婚礼私人监制机构——Yesteryear Wedding,中心全力为您打造庄重高雅、温馨活泼、幽默欢快、浪漫难忘的个性化婚礼。 为您心中留下完美而永恒的回忆,是依嫁(Yesteryear Wedding)全体工作人员最大的愿望和永远的追求.

       依嫁将一站式婚礼服务理念带入新西兰。坚持为每位客人提供真正的高品质婚礼服务。依嫁作为Ferrymead Heritage Park 的独家亚洲婚礼承办方,我们提供多种特色婚礼服务,例如教堂婚礼,室外婚礼等。不仅承办婚礼现场设计布置的工作,更将筹备阶段的人性化服务融入整个婚礼中。让新人享受整个婚礼筹备的过程,拥有一场轻松并完美的婚礼。




















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